Our philosophy

At AC Accounting and Business Solutions, we operate under what’s known as the Trusted Adviser Model. It’s an involved ideology, but what it boils down to is this: we will work our butts off to earn your trust and build a strong business relationship.
You’ll find us engaging, understanding, thoughtful and considerate as we take the time to learn all the unique ins and outs of your life and/or business. If that means (gladly) trudging across few dozen hectares to check out your livestock, or spending a couple of hours travelling beyond Ballarat to sample your fare first hand, we’re in.
And, best of all, all this warmth and fuzziness won’t cost you a cent. As trusted advisors, we place a premium on strengthening our relationships – not the cold, fiscal outcome of the transaction.
Understanding where you’re coming from is critical to our ability to offer value-added services that, in turn, help you to run your business more effectively.
What’s not to like!
Your trusted advisers
Here are a few things you can expect when dealing with us:

  • We act like people, not someone in a role.
  • We are on your side and always have your interests at heart.
  • We’re straight-talkers: you can rely on us to tell the truth.
  • We’re in it for the long haul. Our relationships are more important than any issue.